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At Physis Labs, we are a team of dedicated academic researchers and IT engineers committed to building a state-of-the-art platform backed by the blockchain technology to provide the global scientific community with an effective and transparent publishing system, aligning with the open-science movement.

Scholarly Publishing is an essential part of scientific advancements that takes knowledge to higher levels to create solutions for human life. However, researchers and reviewers, the core of scholarly publishing, are not rewarded for their hard work from the current highly profitable publishing sector.

Our Vision

Eliminate open-access (OA) fees and minimize publication costs

Provide complete copyright protection for authors


Establish an open-source & decentralized blockchain-backed publishing platform

Provide economic benefits to authors and reviewers via a unique reward system

Rapid pre-peer-reviewed publications and open peer-review system

Total ownership & strict copyright protection to authors via NFTs

Eliminate journal-based metrics and measure the quality of individual research articles

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